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Solar & Lighting

Everyone would like to cut their Electricity Bills and reduce their Carbon Footprint!

Solar PV (Solar Power Electricity)

Solar PV (solar photovoltaic panels) can be installed on your roof and supply and supply enough electricity to power a home all year round.

With the government announcing a series of incentives to those who use solar PV, now is the time to switch to solar PV to generate a clean, efficient source of renewable energy.

The solar PV systems use photovoltaic cells which are capable of converting light into an electronic current. The PV cells take energy emitted from the sun and turn it into electricity, meaning the electricity can be generated even when the sun is not shining directly on them.

The Government’s Feed-In Tariff was launched on April 1st 2010 to encourage homeowners to generate their own electricity.

By choosing to have solar powered electricity generating system you can cut your electricity bills – the Feed in Tariff the government will pay up to 41.3p for every kWp generated. You wont have to pay your energy supplier for the energy you have generated. You wont have to pay your energy supplier for the energy you have generated and consumed – infact if you export any surplus back to the grid you will be paid a minimum of 3p per premium by the supplier.

VAT Reduced Rate
All solar panels installed are charged at 5% VAT

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is regarded as one of the major alternatives for energy for the future. It is sustainable energy source and can provide hot water for the majority of the year.

Solar hot water is the use of solar panels, also known as collectors, to collect heat from the sun during the day to heat water which is then stored in a hot water cylinder.

From Oct 2012...
The Renewable Heat Incentive will work in a very similar way to the Feed-In Tariffs. Homeowners will be paid a fee for generating their own hot water using eligible technologies which includes solar thermal water heating panels and collectors. The amount of hot water you generate will either be measured or estimated and you can receive a payment for the total amount you create.

Low Energy Lighting

Just by replacing your light fittings or lamps to low energy fittings will help reduce your electricity consumption as well as reducing carbon emissions.